About me

My name is Leaha, which I am sure is pretty self explanatory after reading the name of this blog! I come from a small town in the middle of nowhere where the most exciting thing to do is go for long walks in the countryside (these certainly aren't as appealing on the hundredth time as they are the first)! I recently moved to Bristol where I study a BA in Primary Education with hopes of becoming a primary school teacher when I graduate. I instantly fell in love with the city (not just because of the shopping opportunities) and I can honestly say I feel at home. At 20 there are plenty of life lessons I have to learn so you can expect to stumble across of few posts on those.

I made this blog as a creative outlet to share (or ramble on) about my love for all things beauty and fashion. If ever you can't find me I will more than likely be spending hours trawling through the makeup counters in my local Boots. With all that spending I needed some way of justifying sneaky purchases and so What Leaha Likes was born. A place where I can share what I love and talk to those who feel the same. You can expect to see lots of FOTD's, OOTD's, reviews and hauls along with the odd lifestyle post. 

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. Feel free to drop me a comment or tweet me @leaha_phillips with any enquiries!

Twitter: @whatleahalikes

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