Hit or Miss: New in... Tanya Burr Cosmetics

Tanya Burr has recently stepped up her game (once more) by introducing a long awaited mascara, eyeliner and brow pencil to her already amazing beauty brand. It's fair to say she did not disappoint. The most noticeable change with the new additions is the packaging. I've always been a fan of the original, cardboard packaging but the gold with black detailing is a welcomed upgrade.

Eyeliner is without a doubt the most testing part of my daily makeup application. Getting those flicks symmetrical takes more time and patience than I possess. This eyeliner might not be a miracle worker or the easiest eyeliner to use but the flexible brush applicator and great pigmentation does make the pain-staking task a little more bearable. This eyeliner is now a firm favourite and holds a place in my makeup bag.
When it comes to eyebrow products I am extremely loyal to my trusty Fleur De Force X Eyelure powders, so the fact that the Tanya Burr brow pencil in Medium now lives alongside it in my makeup bag speaks volumes. I may not be able to replace my trusty powder just yet but I love the finish this brow pencil gives. The angular shape of the tip makes for easy, fast application and the colour is the perfect shade of ashy brown for my hair colour. 
Drugstore mascaras are always hit or miss. I am yet to find an affordable alternative that lives up to the amazingness that is Benefit They're Real. That being said this mascara is pretty damn good. The wand is allows each and every lash to be coated which creates lengthened lashes. As I'm a fan of super voluminous lashes I do two or three coats of this mascara to create my desired look which is something I would also do with They're Real. Tanya Burr has done an amazing job at creating a mascara that holds lashes in place all day without any transferring onto the upper or lower lid (and without taking a whole pot of cleanser to remove). Love this. 

Overall: HIT

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