My eyebrows and I have been on a journey. From the days of over-plucking, over-drawing and even the odd 'I tried to neaten them up but ended up shaving off half' incident. We've come a long way. Now once a month, the lovely ladies at Benefit work their magic and I can finally say my eyebrows suit my face and are relatively easy to upkeep. Unfortunately, the Benefit eyebrow tint only lasts a few days before I'm back to relying on my makeup collection to tame my brows. This is where the YSL brow wardrobe comes in! YSL have 4 products that can tame even the most unruly brows. Whether you need a quick layer of brow gel to set some flyaways or are in need of some serious colour to make those brows visible, YSL have got you covered.

Couture Brow Marker - £21.00 - This felt tip brow marker is great for applying an all over brow colour. The shape of the nib is much bigger than any brow marker I already own which put me off at first. However on application, the shape of the nib allows for precise application where needed and is also ideal for creating a block of colour quickly.

Couture Brow Palette - £35.00 - This little kit is the perfect travel essential to keep your brows looking tidy on-the-go. It comes with 3 powders that I love to use to create an ombre brow, along with an angled brush and tiny tweezers. The powders are not too pigmented, yet pigmented enough for a brow powder, it creates really natural brows.

Couture Brow - £22.00 - This is my most loved product from the whole wardrobe. The Couture Brow allows you to fix, structure and intensify your eyebrows and keeps flyaways in place for up to 24 hours. The pigment is buildable so you really can make your brows as dramatic as you like. I love to layer this on top of a powder product to ensure all day hold.

Dessin Des Sourcils - £21.00 - A brow pencil is a staple in anyone's makeup collection and YSL have created the perfect duel ended precision pencil to create a natural brow. The formula is super creamy which makes for super quick and easy application. Plus having the spoolie on the reverse is really handy to neaten those unruly hairs when out and about.

Here I have used the Couture Brow PaletteDessin Des Sourcils and Couture Brow to create my ideal brow look:
*these products were gifted but all opinions are my own*

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