University Bedroom Tour #3

I'm now in my final year of uni. So so scary. 100% not ready to be a teacher yet but it seems that time is FLYING. Another year means another bedroom tour. It's so important to make your uni bedroom into a home away from home. And, personally, I love what I've done with the place...
Pictures: Etsy // Cushions: Homebase, Asda Home, IKEA // Bedding: Primark
Desk: Ikea (Spray painted legs copper) // Chair: Ikea // Lamp: Homebase // Mirror: Independant French shop // Laptop tray: Ikea // L Plate: Asda Home // Stuff on shelves: Various shops
Plant and pot: Homebase // Mirror: Ikea // Mat: Ikea // Box: Ikea
Notebooks: Sainsbury's and Zoella Lifestyle
& sign: Primark // Ring pot: Tiger // Print: Paperchase // Frame: Ikea
Harry Styles Print: Online Shop
Copper notice board: DIY // Lights: Primark
Chalkboard: Primark // Acrylic holders: Primark // Glass: Disney Land Paris // Old candle ceramic: Zara Home (All on top of Ikea Alex 9 Draw)
 Diffuser: Zoella Lifestyle // Picture frame and print: Paperchase // Candles: Primark, New Look and Yankee Candle

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