The Body Shop // Shade Adjusting Drops + Fresh Nude Foundation*

Summer is the perfect time to put away the heavily contoured face and bring out the fresh glowy skin; so I've been on the lookout for the perfect foundation to give me just that. The Body Shop is quickly becoming one of my favourite makeup brands with a massive range of products, with none that have disappointed. That's one of the reasons I jumped at the chance to try a couple of their new(ish) products - the Fresh Nude Foundation and Shade Adjusting Drops. Read on to see what I think of them...
This foundation is nothing like I would usually go for its very lightweight and breathable which is due to it's formula being infused with English rose water and organic aloe vera (fancy right?). That being said I'm glad I ventured out of my full coverage, matte comfort zone with this one. It feels very moisturising on the skin and leaves me with a nice healthy glow - perfect for summer. I like to layer this up to give a medium coverage which works really well, it layers nicely and doesn't look at all cakey. It's buildable coverage is a massive selling point to me - I love having the options. 

Due to it's natural ingredients I mentioned the Body Shop share that it is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. Like all of the Body Shop foundations there is an amazing shade range, 16 different shades for this range. And if all of those advantages weren't enough for you it also has an SPF of 15.
These were the products I was most excited to try when they arrived on my door step, the Shade Adjusting Drops. Anyone that knows me knows that I am pale, as pale as a ghost. I don't tan, ever. I can spend 2 weeks sunbathing hard, in the sunniest of countries and look just as pale leaving as I did when I arrived. So these whiting drops by the Body Shop are a god-send. 

Sometimes, especially with drugstore foundations, when the shade range is limited there isn't a shade light enough so a product such as this will be very handy. All that's needed is a small drop into any foundation (obviously the Body Shop advertise it to work alongside one of theirs but any other foundation would work too!) and it will be a whole shade lighter. Just alter how much you add based on how much you would like to change the colour.

Unlike me, many girls will have the opposite issue and will tan too fast to have time to go and buy the darkest foundation shade (you lucky humans...). So here's when the darkening drops will come in handy. The only downside in the Body Shops instructions for this is they share to add one drop, like with the whitening drops, for a colour one shade darker but as you can see above one drop makes any foundation one hell of a shade darker - so be minimal!

Overall I think those two are amazing products that anyone should keep in their makeup collection. Never again will you hate yourself for picking up the wrong foudation shade. 
*products were gifted: all opinions are my own*

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  1. These sound life changing!!

    Parie x