The Body Shop: British Rose*

When it comes to skincare the Body Shop can really do no wrong! So, of course, I jumped at the chance to try out their new British Rose range - who could turn down the promise of 'petal-soft skin'? As the name suggests everything in this range is rose scented but of course the Body Shop had to go one step further and use only the essence organic roses grown in Herefordshire (how fancy?). I've never been a massive lover of rose scented beauty products as the old school scent is very 'grandma-esk' but the Body Shop have created a very light, fresh scent that's not at all over-powering.  

British Rose Shower Gel: I love this shower gel - I'm not sure what else to say about a shower gel, ha! It lathers up and smells great.
British Rose: Instant Glow Body Butter: The Body Shop are known for their body butters and they are a ferm cult favouite in the blogging world - hense why I knew I would love this from the outset. Like all others this is a thick cream that leaves your skin feeling, looking and smelling amazing. Of course, there has to be some rose goodness in there somewhere - it contains glow enhancing rose essence for an instant dewy glow. That being said this feature isn't crazy noticable but the product on the whole is beautiful.
British Rose: Petal-Soft Hand Cream: I'm a sucker for a new hand cream and I can't get enough of this stuff. Most hand creams leave that annoying sticky palm feeling that makes it impossible to even hold a pen, but this stuff is practically perfection. It leaves my hands feeling 'petal-soft' and hydrated and leaves a really pretty scent that lingers way after application - this one is a winner in my book.
British Rose Palette: Being the makeup addict that I am I was so excited to receive this little beauty. I am a massive thing of rose coloured makeup (Naked 3 anyone?!). This palette is the perfect travel pallette, with 2 blushes and 6 eyeshadows there are so many looks you can create. All are decently pigmented and really soft. One thing I really love about this pallette are the blue tones - very wearable but a little out of the box for a nude palette - I can't wait to start creating looks with these! The Body Shop explain this product as 'timeless harmonies of rose tones and smoky hues captured in a special edition eye and cheek palette for an instant day to night glow' - I couldn't put it better myself! love-love-love.
*Products were gifted: all opinions are my own*

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