My University Makeup Collection!

In two weeks I will be in University. Honestly, I am petrified but this has given me the perfect excuse to go through my makeup collection and pick out the pieces to take with me. To be honest, I wasn't able to narrow down my collection too much...

At home I like to store my makeup in a set of draws but dragging a huge piece of furniture to a tiny university room just isn't sensible so I purchased these storage boxes from Homebase. Not only will the grey and white compliment my choice of room decoration but the cute font adds a vintage feel. The top of the boxes are glass which makes it so easy to see what's in each box and they were reasonably priced too.
The first of the boxes holds my foundations, blushers and other face products. Although I tend to reach for my MAC Studio Sculpt everyday it's nice to have a few back up foundations. My favourite drugstore foundation is Rimmel's Wake Me Up. It contains bighting particles - perfect to create a summer glow even in winter. The story is similar with blushers, every morning I reach for my NYX blusher but I will be taking a few more with me in case a miracle happens and I change it up.
Next up is my eye box. I love buying single eye shadows as I know that when I buy a palette there will always be those few shades that you never use even though you've paid for them. A personal favourite are the Maybelline New York Colour Tattoos. The longevity and the pigmentation of these are second to none! I only own 3 shades but I can't wait to add a few more to my collection. Benefit also does amazing cream eye shadows if you want to splash out!
My palette section is by far my favourite. My Naked 3 palette is one of my favourite belongings (sillily I didn't add a picture but you can read my review HERE). Closely followed by my newest addition my Stila in The Light palette. Nevertheless there are also some amazing palettes available for a fraction of the price of these in the drugstore. Two of my favourites are MUA's Undress Me 2 and Sleek's Storm Palette.

Keep tuned to see my lipstick collection... coming very soon!

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